The TIR Academy is set up by Total Integrated Resources with a vision to empower Singapore businesses with knowledge and skills enrichment, enable higher productivity and to encourage a culture of innovation. It offers training programmes to upskill non technical individuals to learn the basics of how to develop applications using the KnowledgeKube platform.

It's first course is the Introductory Programme to Enterprise Productivity; an eight-day course that aims to enable and empower individuals with no technical background to create enterprise- grade applications for digital transformation of businesses, using KnowledgeKube.

Some of the outcomes of the course are for students to automate and integrate common business processes by analyzing design and workflows, to be equipped with basic knowledge of data analysis, system design and project documentation. In the later part of the course, they will be empowered to manipulate data, configure a database and develop automated responses or reports through email. In just eight days, they will be upskilled to confidently build and publish a basic, fully functioning productivity application using KnowledgeKube, customised to their organization needs.

The TIR Academy is opening pilot runs of the course to companies. For more information, please contact us here.

Aims of the programme are: