Why Knowledgekube?

KnowledgeKube is the award-winning app platform for all users. Without having to write code, create enterprise web and mobile apps quicker and cheaper than traditional development.

An award-winning product of UK-based Mercato Solutions, KnowledgeKube enables users without technical background to create their own enterprise apps. This revolutionary platform was developed in response to growing IT skills shortages that threatened to impede digitization and expansion for businesses.

With the success enjoyed around the world with apps in across 150 countries and 27 languages, KnowledgeKube is now exclusively available to our customers in Asia.

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Flexible. Scalable. User Friendly.

A flexible Cloud-based platform environment and user friendly tools enable extensive configuration of data, forms, expressions, workflow and documents.

Create apps by configuring models not writing code, and deploy across iOS, Android,Windows and the Web.

Unprecedented ROI. Results in Days.