Award-winning application development platform KnowledgeKube debuts in Singapore

27 July 2016, Singapore – Total Integrated Resources (TIR) debuts today with the launch of the award-winning application development platform, KnowledgeKube, in Asia for the first time. TIR, a homegrown company is headed by Arun Murthy, former Head of Global Commodities at Standard Chartered Bank. KnowledgeKube is developed in the UK by Mercato Solutions and TIR is the appointed first and exclusive distributor-partner in Asia. Without having to write code, KnowledgeKube enables users to create enterprise web and mobile apps quicker and cheaper than traditional development, allowing Singapore businesses to meet demand for globalised apps head-on. TIR will set up an Academy to equip companies with relevant training by September 2016 and the company will be launching an App store by the end of the year.

The simplicity of KnowledgeKube empowers businesses to create sophisticated enterprise-grade applications in an exceptionally intuitive manner; sans the need to write code. Companies will be able to address opportunities and tackle problems by rapidly creating and building apps for any sector, role or process by anyone – with or without IT knowledge – and scale globally with an elastic Cloud approach. KnowledgeKube is the benchmark in this regard for apps that can be deployed across iOS, Android, Windows and the Web. This allows Singapore businesses - big and small - to beat the IT skills shortage and empower current non-IT employees and PMETs to learn and develop their skills beyond their job function. KnowledgeKube’s success in this regard with multiple sectors especially the public sector in the UK speaks volumes of its ability to deliver streamline and improve processes, thereby delivering unprecedented ROI.

“KnowledgeKube represents a part of TIR’s vision very significantly. Our vision as a company is to empower Singapore – workers and businesses alike – through knowledge and skills enrichment with such inventive technology to help create a connected Singapore. Truly, this is what’s disrupting the IT industry globally and we hope the successes it enjoyed in the UK and Europe will be replicated here; gender balance in the IT sector for instance. We want to enable Singapore to achieve the Smart Nation goal and we have many more exciting things to share in the next few months,” Murthy said.

By September 2016, TIR will set up an Academy to facilitate the enrichment and learning of KnowledgeKube and to equip companies and their staff with adequate skills training. This is in line with the National Productivity Council’s vision to work on skills development, simulating innovation in the industry and transforming productivity in every sector. An App Store where apps are created using KnowledgeKube which will serve industries across finance, technology, facilities management and FMCG will be made available for the public to access; enabling more companies the access to productivity apps that will increase business efficiency by automating processes wherever possible. These initiatives are all part of TIR’s vision - one of an enabler- to empower and enrich Singapore in a game-changing manner; working in partnership towards the goal of a Smart Nation.

About Total Integrated Resources (TIR)

TIR is a newly launched home-grown company focused on cultivating innovation and enabling Singapore businesses to substantially improve efficiency and productivity through the deployment of cutting-edge technology. TIR’s first foray in the world of innovation starts with the exclusive distribution of UK’s award-winning application development platform, KnowledgeKube, which allows businesses to create sophisticated enterprise-grade applications in an exceptionally intuitive manner; sans the need to write code. TIR will continue to deploy applications that will continue to enrich and change the way business efficiency through technology as it remains focused on connecting companies with inventive technology.

With the same research indicating that marketing, senior management and IT are the key departments to be leading the transformation of an organisation, it is clear that businesses need to be looking outwards and well as within; transforming the customer experience and transforming the working environment to better serve the various constituents.

About KnowledgeKube

KnowledgeKube is the award-winning app platform for all users developed by Mercato Solutions. The UK company appointed TIR as Asia’s first and exclusive distributor and partner. Without having to write code, create enterprise web and mobile apps quicker and cheaper than traditional development. Business users can harness the power of the KnowledgeKube Platform to design sophisticated electronic forms, incorporating deterministic mathematical models to quickly and cost-effectively gather and analyse information and share it across the Enterprise. KnowledgeKube simplifies business problems and drives efficiency. The self-management of your business is at the heart of every feature we incorporate into the platform and the tools are always designed to integrate as part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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